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Wedding Day-Of Elements - Table numbers & table names

Wedding table cards are required if your wedding or event guests will have assigned seating. Guests will look for their seats based on the table number to which they are assigned. A table card makes finding it easy for guests.

First, what is a table card? In its very basic form, a table card is a type of signage used to identify a table for your guests. If they are numerical, traditionally, lower numbers are reserved for the wedding party and immediate family. In addition, the couple may be seated at their own table, usually designated as the sweetheart or king’s table.

Wedding Table number with number written out.
table number wrapped around flower vase

Wedding Day-of Element – table numbers, numerical and written out.

wedding table numbers that tell a story

Wedding Day-of Element – Table cards that tell a personal story about the couple.

The table decor and cards should have a complementary, cohesive look. Keep in mind colors and textures, as well as height. Although applicable, the table cards shouldn’t take away from the centerpieces – unless deliberate and are a standalone statement piece. Table cards have a functional component and should be legible and easily noticed.

Table cards serve an essential functional purpose at an event, but that doesn’t mean they need to be lifeless. Instead, make table cards a stylish addition to your wedding reception while helping guests find their assigned seats. There’s no shortage of ways to make your table cards stand out. Regardless of direction, visibility is paramount.

wedding table number that has a pattern and is laser-cut

Wedding Day-of Element – Laser-cut Table Numbers.


  • A sleek, simple look with acrylic
  • Modern and contemporary
  • Natural, rustic, earthy, or farm-to-table inspired
  • Pops of Color
  • Pair the centerpiece and the table number
  • Vintage-inspired
  • Three-dimensional
  • Typography, numerical, roman numerals
Intricate laser-cut table number

Wedding Day-of Element – 3-Dimensional Table Number.

wedding table named after different ships
table numbers named after local lakes

Wedding Day-of Element – Themed Table Cards: Ship Carriers and Local Lakes.

Finally, a table card doesn’t even have to be a digit! Forego the number and use themed cards instead. For example, consider the theme of your wedding or event to add a personal touch to the table cards. You can customize the cards further by nodding to your personality or relationship. 

King's Table Name Card

Wedding Day-of Element – Table Card for the Couple.

themed-inspired WEDDING table CARDS

The options are endless, from elegant, to playful and quirky, to stunning and creative. Here are a few ideas for themed-inspired table cards:

  • Animals
    • Birds, Butterflies, Insects, Pets, Safari, Zoo
  • Arts
    • Authors, Fine Artists, Instruments, Literary Titles, Musical Artists, Songs, Poems, Poets
  • Beverages
    • Breweries, Cocktails, Craft Beers, Coffee or Tea Blends, Distilleries, Wine or Wineries
  • Botanical
    • Florals, Plants, Trees
  • Film
    • Actors or Actresses, Disney, Movies or TV Titles, Superheroes Characters
  • Foodie
    • Cakes, Candies, Cheese, Desserts, Fruits, Ice Cream Flavors, Pies, Spices
  • Geographic
    • Beaches, Beach Themed, Countries, Lakes, Mountain Ranges, Rivers, States, Tropical Islands
  • Language
    • The Word “Love” Translated into Different Languages
  • Significant Dates
    • Birthdays, Closing Date on Your New Home, Engagement Date, Favorite Holidays, Parents’ Anniversaries, When You Met
  • Space
    • Constellations, Planets
  • Sports
    • Athletes, Teams, Types, Venues
  • Travel
    • Airport Codes, Future Travel Destinations, National Parks or Monuments, Places You’ve Visited Together
Octagon shaped table number

Wedding Day-of Element – Table Number in an Octagon shape.

modern and contemporary wedding table number

Wedding Day-of Element – A contemporary and modern table number.

wedding table number with a brooch

Wedding Day-of Element – Elegant Table Number with a Brooch.

Acrylic three-dimensional table number

Wedding Day-of Element – 3-Dimensional Acrylic Table Numbers.


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