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Sugar-Pear-Design | Wedding Day-Of Element Welcome Seating Charts

If you plan to have assigned seats at your wedding or event, instructing guests how to find those seats is necessary. One option is to assign a specific seat at a specific table. A seating chart will then direct your guests to their assigned table and is a great way to relay this information to your guests.

The critical thing to remember with seating charts is your guests already know their names. However, they do not know their table assignment. Arranging names in alphabetical order and not grouped by table) allows your guests to find their seats more quickly. Once your guests find their table, a place card should indicate specifically which seat they’ll occupy.

Assigned seats at a sit-down dinner affair will simplify things for guests and servers. For plated dinner service, when your guests have indicated their entrée selection ahead of time, seating assignments will help ensure that each guest will get what they picked. Your venue may even require seating assignments, so be sure to confirm!

Work with your event planner and venue to determine the layout of the dining area. Understand what table shape options you can access — round, rectangle, oval, or square — and how many guests each will accommodate.

Will you have a sweetheart table for just the two of you? Or is a head table with your wedding party more your speed? Typically the table for parents, grandparents, siblings, and significant others is assigned next. Consider having two VIP tables for those complicated family cases or seat those particular individuals at the opposite ends.

Once your responses are in (hopefully on time!), start grouping guests while considering their age, if they have children as guests, are elderly, or need special consideration such as a wheelchair or a high chair. Also, consider their role at your event. For example, if any guests are giving a speech, be sure to seat them at a table that will work best based on the layout of your reception. Consider also your photographer, planner, and MC — don’t put them in a corner where they may be unaware of what is happening. You don’t want your photographer to miss any key moments!

Sugar Pear Design | Seating Chart for an Indian wedding
Sugar Pear Design | Seating Chart with deckled edges

Wedding Day-of Element – Seating chart for an Indian wedding & with deckled edges.

Sugar Pear Design | Elegant Green Botanical seating chart

Wedding Day-of Element – An elegant botanical seating chart.

Sugar Pear Design | Classic and traditional Seating Chart
Sugar Pear Design | Black and white Seating Chart

Wedding Day-of Element – A seating chart for a classic wedding and a black and white chart for a modern wedding.

Sugar Pear Design | close-up of a Seating Chart

Wedding Day-of Element – Close-up detail of a seating chart.

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