Designs that interject a personality and a specific vision.

Designs that serve as a visual storyteller by setting the tone for the occasion.

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Why Sugar Pear Design?

Do you want your guests to say, “this is so them!”? Shouldn’t your visual story be told to your guests in a personal, unique, and non-cookie-cutter manner? Do you want your celebration to be different from others? At Sugar Pear Design, I work to distinguish your gathering from others’. Knowing that curated paper goods act as an authentic ambassador, I design — with purpose — signature elements that match your day’s vision and overall aesthetics. I strive to create an atmosphere that enhances your guests’ experience and wows them. Working together, we will dig to discover your purpose and what you want your event to say about you.


I believe that a cohesively put-together celebration brings meaning to your event. It is a means to interject your personality and express your vision. Cohesive events set the tone for the occasion by serving as a visual storyteller.


At Sugar Pear Design, custom means creating unique and significant designs. It means delivering wedding and event stationery pieces for those that value purposeful and intentional design. It’s this purpose and intent that will create an experience for the event and their guests.


It is the intended effect that creates a memorable and compelling engagement. It gives the ability to enrich your guests’ experience via visual cohesiveness and intention. Through a process that gives meaning, elements harmoniously come together. Details — small and large — captures the occasion’s essence.

If your wedding or event were a person, what would their personality be? What defining words would you use to describe the vibe of your celebration? Your paper goods serve as a gateway to your day. From save-the-dates to invitations to day-of elements to thank-yous, wedding or event stationery design presents a cohesive narrative and offers an emotional connection to your guests. And, isn’t that what you want?

Honored to be recognized.

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Kathy Marcelle, Stationer & Designer at Sugar Pear Design
Photography by Rankin Images

My design approach is rooted in expressing a vision and interjecting a personality. Designs that serve as visual storytellers and set the tone for the event. To me, custom means creating one-of-a-kind designs that are unique, significant, and spark an emotion. I work with couples and events who desire a celebration with a single cohesive look and who value purposeful and intentional designs. 

Designs that are BEAUTIFUL and ELEGANT.

Designs that are simply UNDERSTATED.

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