INVITATIONS 101 || WEDDING DAY-OF ELEMENTS: Escort Cards & Place Cards

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Invite 101 - Wedding Day-of Element: Escort Cards and Place Cards

Both escort cards and place cards will tell your guests where to sit. The main difference between the two is that an escort card will instruct your guests which table they are assigned to, whereas a place card guides them on what specific seat they are assigned to at a particular table.

Therefore, escort cards would need to be displayed before the dining area. Your guests will then locate their card indicating their assigned table. On the other hand, place cards will already be at the tables, so a seating chart is needed to direct your guests to the correct table. 

If your guests chose an entrée selection in advance, these cards will also indicate their choice to the servers. Different menu selections can be differentiated by color, written text, symbol, or food icon. Indicating each guest’s name on individual dinner menus is an alternative to separate place cards.

Here are a variety of escort and place cards. Each design remains true to the cohesive look and feel of all the wedding stationery pieces to create a coherent look.


escort card display
color-coded escort cards for a wedding

Wedding Day-of Element – Escort card displays.

Wedding escort card display

Wedding Day-of Element – Escort cards displayed for guests.

tented escort cards

Wedding Day-of Element – Tented escort cards.

wedding place cards with food icon to indicate entrée choice

Wedding Day-of Element – Escort cards with food icons to indicate entrée choice.

vertically tented wedding place card
wedding place card

Wedding Day-of Element – Alternative tented escort cards.


gold 3D laser cut place card

Wedding Day-of Element – Gold 3D laser cut place card with guests names.

old vinyl record serving as a place card for a wedding

Wedding Day-of Element – Old vinyl record serving as a place card.

guest name on ghost chairs for wedding
wedding place card on dinner plate

Wedding Day-of Element – Guest names on ghost chairs & place cards displayed on the dinner plate.

place card tag wrapped around a pear on a wedding dinner plate

Wedding Day-of Element – Place card wrapped around a pear.

place card tied to floral arrangement
place cards adhered to wedding dinner menu with wax seal

Wedding Day-of Element – Place cards tied to floral arrangements & dinner menus with place cards adhered with a wax seal.

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