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Sugar Pear Design Branding Board

It has been quiet here in my corner. A lot of times when I think, I get quiet. As I enter my 17th year in business, I have also been taking a deep dive into my creative outlet. I like looking at ideas through many lenses and asking myself questions. Where do I see Sugar Pear Design heading? What innovative initiatives have I enjoyed creating? What past projects didn’t serve me? 

Last December, I had the opportunity to attend the Engage!22 Dove Mountain Summit. It has proven to be what I needed to steer me in the direction that would allow me to serve my couples and clients the best my creativity capabilities could offer and still provide the challenge I enjoy and seek. 

Sugar Pear Design Box with branded tissue

Sugar Pear Design product delivery packaging.

Being a loyal listener to the Own Your Business podcast, I scheduled a 1:1 coaching call with Sam from Ideaction Consulting during the first week of the new year. At the same time, Kelly McWilliams of Kelly McWilliams Celebrations, Weddings & Parties put out feelers in a Facebook group for complementary website audits from the wedding planner’s point of view. I put my name in the hat for the opportunity.

Sugar Pear Design’s logo in gold foil.

Sugar Pear Design’s logo in gold foil.

The valuable feedback I received from Sam and Kelly planted a seed in me. I now could look at my business from a very different point of view – the view of my couples and fellow industry pros. (I can design for my couples all day, every day — but OMG, it’s sooooooo hard to look over your own shoulder!)

Sugar Pear Design Wax Seal

Wax seal with Sugar Pear Design’s sub-mark.

As this seed was planted, Ideaction announced its marketing and sales mastermind, Social & Sway, teaming up with the digital and social media gurus The Media Socialites. After looking closely into this program, I knew it was the very thing I needed.

Notecard with Sugar Pear Design’s script logo letterpress printed with blind impression.

Notecard with Sugar Pear Design’s script logo letterpress printed with blind impression.

It is a year-long program, and we are just getting into the meat of the mastermind. Our guiding light is a Positioning Report comprising the research and feedback from past clients, wedding colleagues, a personal 1:1 interview, and an outlook to aspirational industry pros. This report will now serve as my North Star and is the compass to move Sugar Pear Design into its natural next phase. 

Package hang tag in gold ink for Sugar Pear Design.

Package hang tag in gold ink for Sugar Pear Design.

The combination of the 1:1 coaching call, the wedding planners’ feedback, and the Positioning Report highlighted that my brand had evolved, but its visual elements were outdated, stagnant, and no longer mirrored and aligned with the core values and growth. I closely examined the mission, vision, and values and how its visual brand coincided. Sugar Pear Design’s offerings, capabilities, and design expertise have grown exponentially. So naturally, the visual ambassadors needed to shift to reflect this movement.

Sugar Pear Design Website

Sugar Pear Design website updated and rebranded.

My couples crave creative options that extend well past the wedding invitation and the expected day-of elements. Therefore, my core mission to them is to provide tailored, intentional, and cohesive designs. By doing so, I elevate their event with creative components that surprise and delight their guests. This quest also now commences at Sugar Pear Design’s roots. Furthermore, the strategic visual refresh directly aligns with the aesthetics my couples look to me for. The same vigor is also carried out in their projects.

Please take a look around. And, be sure to come back often. It is ever-evolving.

Sugar Pear Design Logo Pattern
Sugar Pear Design Cross Hatch Pattern

Brand patterns for various usages.

A rebrand is an opportunity to honour a company’s roots while positioning it for the future.

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