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Sugar Pear Design | Albert Einstein quote Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun

At Sugar Pear Design, I design custom wedding and event stationery for those who appreciate cohesive designs that mirror their unique personality and vision. As a custom-only designer, couples come to me for one-of-a-kind designs. Inspiration is always welcomed! But be prepared to be challenged with your “why”. My job is to think outside the box and give my couples something specific and unique.

One-of-a-kind implies that I will never repeat a design. So how do I come up with consistently original designs? Creativity is the key.

During my initial consultations, we will go over A LOT of information. I ask A LOT of questions. Frequently they are open-ended questions. The answers I find great to spark the design concept development. Open-ended questions allow me to think divergently, the pillar of creativity. I look for solutions, create new ideas, reflect, and get new insights. In my creative process, I often take pencil to paper and use brainstorming and mind mapping techniques. Sometimes two or more conceptual ideas might initially seem unrelated but often lead me to create something extraordinary and insightful. It is a fun process for me. As Albert Einstein asserted, “Creativity is intelligence having fun”.

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Custom wedding invitations & wedding day stationery design studio based in Madison, Wisconsin, USA
Designing for couples & events worldwide.

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