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Sugar Pear Design | Wedding day-of Elements - ceremony programs

A wedding order-of-service can be as detailed or as high-level wanted! Perhaps a single-page program with just the highlights? A ceremony program that includes every reading, prayer, and song is also an option, especially for ceremonies where faith is an important aspect. Anywhere in between are also an option! Programs can be a hand-held option for each guest or a single, large-scale version.

Elements to consider including in your program:

  • Your names
  • Event date
  • Location
  • Order of events
  • Titles of readings and songs
  • Officiate
  • Wedding party members
  • Relationship to the couple/brief biography of each attendant
  • Others involved
    • Readers, soloists, etc.
  • Dedications and thanks
  • A means to honor a deceased relative or friend
  • Order of ceremony
  • Words to readings, songs, or vows
  • Explanations of cultural or religious traditions
  • Poem or quote
  • Personal message/thank you
  • Request for an unplugged wedding asking guests to turn off their cell phones and not take pictures with their phones or tablets – VERY distracting (and somewhat disrespectful) to your photographer(s).
    • I HIGHLY recommend this!!

Estimating the number of ceremony programs can be challenging. If you would like to have each adult guest have their own copy, I recommend 10-20% over your estimated adult guest count. Otherwise, 10-20% over the estimated couple/family/group guest count.

Sugar Pear Design | Ceremony Program more detailed
Sugar Pear Design | Double-sided Tea length Ceremony Program

Wedding Day-of Element – A more detailed and double-sided, tea-length ceremony program.

Sugar Pear Design | Freestanding Ceremony Program

Wedding Day-of Element – A freestanding ceremony program.

Sugar Pear Design | Large Format Ceremony Program for a Jewish Wedding

Wedding Day-of Element – Large format ceremony program for a Jewish wedding.

Sugar Pear Design | Ceremony Program Highlights

Wedding Day-of Element – Ceremony program with just the highlights.

Sugar Pear Design | Ceremony Program Catholic Ceremony

Wedding Day-of Element – Ceremony program for a Catholic wedding ceremony.

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