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Sugar Pear Design | Good design is good business quote by Thomas J. Watson Jr., IBM's former Chief Executive Officer.

Thomas J. Watson Jr., IBM’s former Chief Executive Officer, believed the design of a business was the number one factor in determining the credibility of a business. He worked from the catchphrase “good design is good business.” But, of course, this is true in all design applications, from tech products to wedding invitations.

A well-thought-out wedding invitation design will make a strong first impression on your guests — and first impressions count in a big way. It will grab the attention of your invited guests and create a desire for them to attend. People, in general, are naturally attracted to things that look good. A well-designed invitation — and ultimately day-of elements — will enable your celebration to stand out from other events. It is about pulling together the color palette, graphic elements, textures, typography, visual hierarchy, and use of negative space that tell your story in a harmonious, balanced manner. In addition, making deliberate design choices will reveal your personality and philosophy. Finally, a good design allows your guests to connect to you as a couple in a meaningful and emotional way.

Consistency is key in creating a cohesive wedding design and emotional ties. When an event brand is inconsistent, it seems chaotic and disorganized. Cohesive design is a visual component of your story. When a guest experiences great design at every touch point, they’ll come away with a positive experience and perception. A great design will increase memorability. Guests will associate the positive experience and attach them to your event.

Design is an investment in innovative thinking, event branding, and visual storytelling. Do you think your event is worth the investment?

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