1940s Old Hollywood Glam Inspired Wedding

Old Hollywood Glam features luxury and high-end finishes at its peak. Also called Hollywood Regency, this decor style combines Art Deco design with a modern twist, integrating charm, sophistication, and a dash of decadence. Hollywood Regency design is an eclectic mix of styles with one overarching luxurious theme. The style is about relishing people and time together. It’s about glamour enjoyed with others over cocktails and dinner. The excessive Hollywood Glam infuses high-shine lacquered finishes, metallics, and rich fabrics. Its dramatic style pays ample attention to detail, color, texture, composition, and finishes.

A 1940s Hollywood-themed wedding — a glamorous and nostalgic celebration — draws inspiration from the Golden Age of cinema. Opulent looks that offer a sense of fantasy and aspiration characterize the era most memorable for the looks in fashion and film during the Golden Age of cinema. The combination of elegance, sophistication, and a touch of sentimentality makes it a timeless and iconic era in fashion history.

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Propaganda & Escapism

Hollywood played a crucial role in providing an escape from the realities of World War II. Films served as propaganda, promoting patriotic values and boosting morale. The glamorous and idealized fashion seen on the silver screen provided a reprieve from the challenges of wartime life.

Old Hollywood Glam-Inspired Wedding Table Setting
Old Hollywood Glam Inspired Wedding Invitation Dinner Menu Vow Book

The fashion of the 1940s Hollywood era, shaped by both wartime constraints and the desire for escapism, resulted in a unique blend of practicality and glamour. The era’s influence, evident in retro and vintage fashion, reflects a time when style prevailed despite challenging circumstances.

Evoke Anticipation: The Invitation

Incorporating the color palette and interior design-inspired mirrored gold that resembles elements of the 1940s, the Oscar-worthy wedding invitations will evoke anticipation of a memorable and stylish celebration. Serving as a glimpse of what is yet to come, the invitation will introduce guests to the style and pattern, which will be repeated throughout the event, creating a cohesive, put-together touch. The invitation will transport guests to a bygone era of glamour and sophistication with subtle touches of red rhinestones and three-dimensional gold sunbursts.

Luxurious fabrics like silk, satin, and velvet, commonly used in clothing, add to the overall sense of glamour. Despite wartime constraints, eveningwear often featured elaborate embellishments like sequins and beading, creating a dazzling and wealthy look.

Textiles & Textures

Old Hollywood Glam-Inspired Wedding table setting in front of window
Old Hollywood Glam-Inspired Wedding dinner menu on plate
Old Hollywood Glam Inspired Wedding Dinner Menus

Interior Design Influence

The 1940s Old Hollywood Glam era’s interior design embraced a luxurious and theatrical aesthetic that aimed to capture the allure of the silver screen, bringing a lavish aesthetic to spaces. Art Deco heavily influenced the era’s design with its bold geometric shapes, patterns, and lavish ornamentation.

Mirrored furniture and accessories, typical in Old Hollywood Glam interiors, added a sense of spaciousness to rooms and reflected and amplified the glamour of the surroundings. The furniture designs were often bold and statement-making. Chesterfield tufted sofas, Hollywood Regency-style chairs, and mirrored coffee tables often feature sleek lines and a mix of materials. Elaborate table and floor lamps added drama and sophistication.

To spend a fabulous evening celebrating with family and friends, I incorporated the era’s glitz and glam into the venue décor. Deep, rich colors dominated the color palette. Red, black, and white create an atmosphere of warmth and sophistication. Widely used gold accents evoke a sense of luxury.

Geometric patterns used on the window decal add visual interest and an eclectic look by mixing traditional and modern elements, characteristic of the Regency design style that emerged during this period. This ornamentation, carried over from the wedding invitation, repeats itself throughout the festivity.

Old Hollywood Glam-Inspired Wedding mirrored coffee table with matchboxes and champagne glasses
Old Hollywood Glam-Inspired Wedding bride in front of window with decals
Old Hollywood Glam-Inspired Wedding Bride sitting on white couch
Old Hollywood Glam-Inspired Wedding bride and groom in front of ceremony backdrop

Table Design

A dazzling celebration reminiscent of the elegance and allure of 1940s Hollywood infuses Art Deco glamour into every detail. Embrace a classic color palette comprising white, deep black, and scarlet red, creating a romantic ambiance that pays homage to the Golden Age of cinema.

Bold and elegant choices for the table design included the fluted gold charger and the black and white abstract burst dinnerware pattern, paired with gold flatware and vintage glassware.

Striking floral elements elevate the table centerpieces, showcasing gold lamps to evoke the era’s luxury and add a touch of sophistication to each table.

Classic black table linen serves as the perfect canvas, while the bespoke-designed table runners, featuring a custom repeated pattern, help to keep the overall design cohesive. Napkins in sumptuous bold red serve as the backdrop for the exquisite personalized menu cards — with rhinestones and gold sunbursts for a cohesive look — and envelop the dining space in luxurious textures.

Elegance in Libations: Cocktails, Champagne, & Cigarettes

Celebrating special occasions during the 1940s Old Hollywood Glam era was often synonymous with elegance, sophistication, and glamour. The attention to detail, refined taste, and an appreciation for the finer things in life were an art form on their own. Alcohol played a central role in social gatherings, adding a touch of refinement. A well-crafted selection of cocktails creates memorable and enchanting celebrations that capture the essence of the golden age of Hollywood.

The 1940s witnessed the rise of cocktail culture, with classic cocktails becoming the epitome of chic socializing. A well-stocked bar, with an array of spirits, mixers, and garnishes, gave way to popular drinks, including the Martini, Manhattan, Old Fashioned, and the iconic Gin and Tonic. Mixology became an art form, and hosts took pride in crafting unique and flavorful cocktails for their guests. Champagne was a symbol of celebration and refinement. Toasting with coupe glasses of bubbly champagne was customary to mark special occasions, from weddings to Hollywood premieres.

The combination of cocktails and cigarettes was a hallmark of social gatherings, allowing guests to indulge in sophisticated conversation while enjoying their beverage. Special occasions called for the use of glamorous glassware. Crystal and cut glassware were popular choices, adding more refinement to the drinking experience.

Enthusiastic cinephiles keenly appreciate cinema as an art form, attentively observing filming techniques, editing styles, camera angles, color utilization, and sound. Hollywood has employed smoking as a tool for character depiction within this context, symbolizing sophistication, historical authenticity, and allure. The portrayal of smoking, often associated with glamor and edginess, was a prevalent element during the Old Hollywood Glam era. As an homage to this cinematic era, long-stick matches are a subtle symbol, reflecting the period’s shared desire for escapism.

Old Hollywood Glam-Inspired Wedding signature cocktail beverage sign
Old Hollywood Glam-Inspired Wedding champagne glasses
Old Hollywood Glam-Inspired Wedding matchbox favors
Old Hollywood Glam-Inspired Wedding laser-cut matchboxes
Old Hollywood Glam-Inspired Wedding laser-cut matchbox favors


Wedding invitations with laser-cut sleeves, 3D sunburst & rhinestone

Custom-designed ceremony backdrop

Vow books

Custom-designed table runners

Dinner menus with 3D sunburst & rhinestone

Laser-cut matchboxes

Signature cocktail signage

Lounge pillows with custom-design fabric

Window decal

AMAZING!!!!! Totally on board with your creative ideas. I am so intrigued by all of them. I love the pattern design and cannot wait to see the rest of your pieces.

The Perfect Wedding Venue: A Nod to 1940s Hollywood Glamour

When planning a 1940s Hollywood-themed wedding, choosing a venue that captures the vintage glamour of that era is essential. Consider the architectural style, ambiance, and overall aesthetic to ensure that it aligns with the 1940s Hollywood theme.  Choose a venue with a touch of old Hollywood glamour, such as a historic ballroom or an elegant mansion. Here are some venues across the country that could be well-suited:

Asheville, North Carolina

With its lush gardens and grand architecture, the Biltmore Estate provides a regal backdrop for a vintage-inspired wedding. The estate’s historic charm lends itself well to a glamorous celebration.


Los Angeles, California

Located in the historic Oviatt Building, the Cicada Club is a renowned Art Deco venue with a glamorous ambiance reminiscent of the 1940s. It features a stunning ballroom and period-appropriate decor.


Chicago, Illinois

A historic hotel on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, The Drake Hotel features opulent ballrooms with intricate details and a timeless ambiance, making it suitable for a 1940s Hollywood theme.


Beverly Hills, California

A historic estate with a classic Hollywood aesthetic, Greystone Mansion offers beautiful gardens and an elegant mansion, providing a luxurious backdrop.


Los Angeles, California

A legendary hotel that has hosted countless Hollywood events, The Hollywood Roosevelt offers a blend of vintage charm and modern luxury. The iconic property provides a classic Hollywood setting.

New Orleans, Louisiana

This historic hotel in the French Quarter exudes Southern charm and offers elegant ballrooms with a touch of vintage allure. The Carousel Bar adds a unique and classic element to the venue.

New York City, New York

An iconic luxury hotel, The Plaza offers opulent ballrooms and timeless elegance. Its historic significance and luxurious surroundings make it an ideal choice for a vintage Hollywood-themed wedding.

Denver, Colorado

Denver’s Union Station is a beautifully restored transportation hub with a touch of Art Deco style. With its high ceilings and classic design, the Great Hall provides a stunning venue for a vintage-themed celebration.

Garfield, New Jersey

With its grand ballrooms and classic decor, The Venetian provides a sophisticated backdrop for a vintage-themed wedding. The venue’s attention to detail and timeless elegance align well with the 1940s Hollywood theme.

Capturing the Essence of Timeless Elegance


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