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Sugar Pear Design | Invite 101: Deckled vs. Hand-torn

There is a difference, and it is often confused. The two terms are often interchanged, but they are not the same. So, what is the difference?

HAND-TORN EDGE (or faux deckle edge) = mimic the look of deckled edges but is manually or machine produced. This characteristic can be achieved on almost any paper stock (handmade or machine-made, matte or metallic).

DECKLED-EDGE = is the natural and organic edges resulting in a soft, irregular feathery edge gradually becoming thinner. The name “deckle” comes from a tool called a deckle, which is the wooden frame in the handmade paper-making process. It was once considered an imperfection as the byproduct of handmade papermaking.

Sugar Pear Design | example of hand-torn edges on wedding favor hangtag

The favor hangtag above is an example of hand-torn edges.

deckled-edge dinner menu

This dinner menu is an example of deckled edge.


Photography Credit: Janelle Rose Photography

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