I’m Kathy, your stationer & graphic designer here at Sugar Pear Design.

Kathy Marcelle, Stationer & Designer at Sugar Pear Design

Being in the wedding industry since 2006 and with 23+ years as a graphic designer, I bring expertise and experience to the table. My award-winning designs have been featured in numerous publications and blogs. A roundabout path brought me to this field, and I’m fortunate to genuinely love what I do.

My background includes teaching an Introduction to Typography and Graphic Design class at the university level. At Oscar Mayer® (Kraft Heinz), I worked as a package designer where I developed and executed package design and art-directed food photography in collaboration with the New Product Development team. Before venturing out on my own, I worked in conjunction with American Girl’s® (Mattel®) Conceptual Team, constructing three-dimensional retail models, in-store promotion pieces, and collateral marketing elements.

Sugar Pear Design Kathy family
Sugar Pear Design Kathy's kids
Sugar Pear Design owners Bernese Mountain Dog
Sugar Pear Design Kathy and Pete

I love rainy days, mountains, and animals. I’m a cat-lady, dog-mom, and mamma to two. (I joke that I’m a helicopter mom to my Bernese Mountain Dog, but not my kids.) My “why” are my kids and my significant other, Peter. While working with my couples and clients, I’m like a perpetual 2-year-old — discovering the “why” is very important.

When I’m not in my studio, you’ll likely find me listening to live music. I can’t keep a beat, know about 1/3 of the lyrics, and have two left feet when it comes to any formal dance moves, but music makes me the happiest. (#musicfeedsmysoul) I’m a wanna-be professional chef and am always up for trying a new recipe (ask my family and friends about being my guinea pig!). And, I’ll be the first to sign-up to bring apps to the party (Charcuterie board? On it!)

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