Terms of Use

There will be no downloading, copying, reproducing, publishing, transmitting, distributing, displaying, modifying, creating derivative works from, selling or participating in any sale of or exploiting in any way, in whole or in part the artwork, designs, photography and/or illustrations created by Sugar Pear Design, without prior written consent from Sugar Pear Design.

Unless otherwise noted, all materials including but not limited to images, illustrations, designs, icons, photographs, logos, stationery design, written and/or oral material that appears as hard copy and/or electronic are intellectual property of Sugar Pear Design and protected by United States copyright, trademark and/or other intellectual property laws. The contents are owned and controlled by Sugar Pear Design and its principals. Any unauthorized use and reproduction without the express written permission is strictly prohibited. The Sugar Pear Design name and/or likeness may not be used as an endorsement of any product or service, nor in connection with any commercial venture without express written consent.

The designs, both mock-ups and final printed pieces are the property of and copyrighted by Sugar Pear Design. Sugar Pear Design retains ownership of the completed design. All rights reserved. Sugar Pear Design may reuse artwork created for future production and sale in whole or in part. Artwork, in whole or in part, created may be used in promotional pieces for Sugar Pear Design. A signed contract grants Sugar Pear Design all rights for display, publication and advertising use of all stationery.

Sugar Pear Design reserves the right to refuse service, without notice to anyone at anytime for any reason at our sole discretion.


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