Frequently Asked Questions

When should I contact Sugar Pear Design?
For stationery needs related to weddings, such as invitations, it is recommended to contact Sugar Pear Design 4-6 months prior to your event date. For wedding save-the-dates, anywhere from 9-12 months prior works perfectly. This is to allow enough time for designing, proofing and revising as well as printing, addressing and mailing your stationery. For other stationery needs, please inquire. In general, the more time the better!

What is the price range for your stationery?
Pricing for custom invitations, announcements or social stationery is as unique as each clientís needs. Therefore price quotes cannot be given without first discussing the details with you and creating a proof. The materials and embellishments that are used, how it is printed, what enclosures are included, as well as the complexity of the design, all are variables and contribute to the overall price.

What is included in the final stationery cost is consultation and guidance throughout the whole process. Most often you will receive three initial design options with unlimited design and text revisions to these selections. Lastly, your stationery pieces will be fully assembled so all you would need to do is apply the mailing postage; stuff and seal the envelope; address them (if you elect to do this yourself) and put them in the mail!

What is letterpress printing?
Our very simple analogy is: a letterpress is a panini press for paper. The sandwich (the paper) is placed, one at a time, into the panini sandwich press (the letterpress). The impression (the relief) is noticeable on the sandwich bread (the paper stock).

Letterpress printing is relief printing of text and/or images in which a reversed, raised surface is inked and then pressed into a sheet of paper to obtain a right-reading image. This was the normal method of printing in the mid-15th century and remained so until the second half of the 20th century. The classic feel and crisp finish of letterpress papers takes printing back to an era of quality and craftsmanship that is not often found in other printing methods. The impression depth, giving great visual definition to the text and artwork, is the obvious difference of letterpress from offset printing.

Can we work together long distance?
Absolutely! Face-to-face consultation works best for the design process of bespoke, handcrafted stationery and is strongly encouraged. If this not an option, please contact us to discuss other alternatives. Utilization of the phone, email and/or post will work. No matter which method is used, attention to detail is in no way compromised.

What does bespoke mean?
Webster defines bespoke as custom, made-to-order or tailored. At Sugar Pear Design, that is how we define our stationery. We donít work with templates that you can add your text and pick your ink color and call that custom. Not to mention, all of our stationery is one-of-a-kind, as we donít ever repeat designs. We literally start with a white sheet of paper and go from there. The design and layout, the font choices, the paper stock and ink choices, how itís put together, even how itís delivered are all specific to your desires. Truly a reflection of you and your event or announcement.


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