What’s in a name? Sugar Pear Design.

29 September 2014

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome to my shinny new blog!

I have so much to show you from this past year, that I though a blog would be the best avenue. But, what do I post as my very first blog post? What should I say? I have a lot of fun projects from this past spring and summer that I can’t wait to show you, but which one should go first? Uhm…

In a recent client consultation, I was asked “How did you come up with ‘Sugar Pear Design’? That’s it! That would be the topic of my very first blog post! So here it is…

How did ‘Sugar Pear Design’ come to being? The reason is quite simple: my very own wedding. We had a fall wedding and decided to do a harvest theme. Pears are in peak season in the fall. I came across these super cute (I don’t use that word that often, but they were!) miniature pears at a local food co-op. I thought to myself, “Now, how can we use these?” I played around with displaying them in different baskets and groupings. But in the end, I actually sugared these miniature Seckel pears to be used for our wedding cake topper.


Photography by Appleby Photography. Used with permission.

Those that know me well, know that I am constantly thinking and analyzing. Actions that I take have justification. Everything to me has a meaning. I really do believe that everything happens for a reason. (Sometimes that reason doesn’t surface right away!)

When in the infancy stages my business, I wanted the name of my business to have a personal meaning. I had pages and pages (and pages) of name ideas. Yet, nothing was clicking. None of them stood out as “the one”. While doing some brainstorming, I was going through my wedding photos and it dawned on me. One of these photos is a detail shot of our wedding cake; the pears that I had sugared. It was an “Aha!” moment. Sugared Pears. Sugar Pear Design. That was it! That would be the name!!


Photography by Appleby Photography. Used with permission.

As I mentioned, I usually have a reason behind the ‘why’. During my client consultations, I ask a lot of questions. I want to get to know them and to understand their wishes, vision, what is important to them—their ‘why’. My job is to translate that personal meaning and verbal vision into something that is physical and tangible. My task is to incorporate their ideas (that oftentimes they don’t know how to fully articulate) into printed pieces that truly are an expression of who they are. My assignment is to show their ‘why’.

Significant events have such a personal meaning. And in today’s world, people don’t want the wedding, the birthday party, the baby announcement, the whatever, that their best friend just had. Similar to coming up with my business name, I can help bring that distinction forward via invitations and other day-of stationery pieces. Stationery reflecting your unique personality and style. Stationery that delivers a true reflection of you. Specializing in the design of bespoke invitations, announcements and social stationery, Sugar Pear Design offers the perfect complement to your event. BEAUTIFUL. ELEGANT. UNDERSTATED.

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